Sunday, January 23, 2011

Influenza Summary: First weeks of January 2011

According to WHO’s EuroFlu and Public Health Agency of Canada, influenza activity was increasing in the first two weeks of January. 85% of influenza-positive specimens in Canada were influenza A (H3N2), while in Europe, most cases - 67% were influenza A (H1N1). Influenza intensity remains high in England, Ireland, Norway and Denmark. Respiratory activity is increasing in China, Japan, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea. Influenza rates are low in tropical climate areas. The circulation of influenza in Paraguay and Sri Lanka has decreased. Google trends predict that activity will start decreasing by the end of this month. Check international activity CDC page for current information.
US Updates for the first two weeks on 2011:
  • New York City status changed from High to Moderate, but the rest of New York State changed from low to moderate
  • Illinois: from High ot Moderate
  • North Carolina: from Low to Moderate
  • South Carolina and Texas - slightly increased activity, but remains low
  • Georgia and Mississippi - from High to Moderate
  • Utah - from low to moderate (Check CDC pages for graphs and state reports)